Do less and sell more on your social media

Biasharabot helps in handling customer queries, makes shopping and checkout process simpler, and above all takes care of your marketing content

Instantly respond to your customers

BiasharaBot instantly responds to customer queries on social media. Never lose out on a sales opportunity due to late response to customer queries.

Engage your customers with automated AI natural language responses & delightful conversation. Set custom responses that reflect your brand’s authentic voice.

chatbot demo

Manage and automate your post content

We turn your products into a great content for a better exposure of your brand. Schedule and decide when it should be published, save time and get more done

sample post

BiasharaBot provides an inbuilt posts design tool and scheduler to make it easy and in a professional way make your social media posts. No design or coding skills is needed to create awesome content.

Get all you need to manage your e-commerce business

We provide awesome tools and features that will help you in running your business proffesionally and with ease. This ranges from inventory management, financial accounts management, fullfilement, and payments.

Analyse your performance and automate processes

Take Orders

A better way of presenting your products to the customers. On your behalf, we take the customer through the journey of making purchase.

Schedule Posts

Save time by automating your social media posts. A better way of running new campaigns and keeping the client informed.

24/7 Support

Enjoy our Fanatic customer support. Reliability and excelent service delivery is the core of our SLA.